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How often do I change the dressing?

The dressing should be changed when exudate becomes visible on the outer surface. In the case of heavily exudating wounds (e.g. during the phase of wound cleaning) change several times daily if necessary. For moderately exudating wounds (e.g. during the phase of granulation and epithelisation) change 1x daily to 1x every two days. Our recommendation is 1x daily.

How do I change the dressing?

The typical feature is merely to change Ligasano® white; the wound shall be open only for the shortest time. Additional treatments such as irrigation, antiseptics or ointments are unnecessary.

The quicker the change of dressing is the better for the therapeutic result; because of this a disturbance to the wound is avoided.

Please ensure wound contact in the whole area, also in wound pockets.

How thick?

Measuring from the bottom of the wound Ligasano® white must be at least 2cm thick to guarantee enough thermal insulation.


Always permeable to air, ideally avoid occlusion absolutely.

What do I do if the Ligasano® white adheres to the wound?

Moisten the Ligasano® white from the outside and bring the liquid into the material with a pressing and pumping action and wait until the dried exudate is dissolved.

How can I prevent Ligasano® white adhering to the wound?

  • Too thin: The Ligasano® white dressing is not thick enough
  • No wound contact to whole area: Insert Ligasano® white with slight compression, ensure wound contact.
  • Little exudate released from the wound: Moisten the Ligasano® white at the side where it lies on the wound.

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