Ligasano® White

Ligasano® White is a therapeutically effective polyurethane foam material with a wide range of applications for wound care and prevention.

The therapeutic use is based essentially on three underlying physical principles:

  • Mechanical stimulus
  • Rapidly falling pressure tension
  • Controlled absorption effect

Mechanical stimulus

Ligasano®White stimulates local blood circulation in the
wound when placed directly onto/into wound surface or when there is direct skin contact. This improves the supply of nutrients and oxygen in the wound area (activation of the wound) whilst also acting as a pressure preventative aid on skin which is still healthy. Stimulates normal bodily functions at a microscopic level, especially in he case of inactive patients or where these functions are reduced. The mechanical stimulus last for up to three days by which time the Ligasano®White must be changed.
Due to contact with the skin the blood flow is stimulated, secretions increase, germs, slough and dry necrotic material is removed thereby achieving a self-action cleansing of the wound that maybe assisted manually, if required.


Micro and macro movement by the patient cause an intermittent negative pressure and this promotes a mechanical stimulus

Ligasano® White provides reduced pressure distribution to and minimises pressure on wound and body. The pressure of the body of bed-ridden, inactive patients is evenly distributed by Ligasano® White as it adapts well to the contours of the body.  The constant pressure distribution and compressionof Ligasano® White effectively prevents pressure ulcers.



Specific Absorption Effects

Ligasano® White absorbs excess fluid without drying
the wound out.Ligasano® White creates a moist and
warm wound environment, is antiseptic, and cleans the
wound,with no sticking.Ligasano® White averts skin macerationand is skin-friendly.

Ligasano® White significantly reduces the risk of wound creation as a result of poor blood circulation. Wound healing disorders due to poor blood circulation are reduced or removed, and infected wounds are cleaned, largely without the need for any further action. It stimulates granulation and epithelisation and the desired results usually occur surprisingly quickly and clearly.
Ligasano® White is not an implant, and must therefore not remain permanently in wounds. After a maximum of 3 days contact with the wound the Ligasano® White padding of the wound surface and/or padding inserted into the wound must be changed.


Ligasano® Green

Ligasano® green is an elastic, expanded polyurethane, which is pervious to air and liquids (e.g. water) – imagine a three dimensional sieve. It has a course texture and rough surface.

The special properties of Ligasano® green allow parts of the body to breathe, where dampness or suppuration otherwise accumulate as a result of contact with other objects (e.g. flat bed surfaces, seats, back-rests). Due to gravity, large amounts of fluid, e.g. sweat, can run down and are allowed to evaporate unhindered. Thus skin maceration can be prevented with this product. It prevents the accumulation of heat and moisture because it is almost completely air-permeable.

Ligasano® Green is used as a primary dressing for active wound drainage and for the first 24 hours in order to aggressively stimulate circulation.  Also for secondary applications for prevention of decubitus ulcers (pressure sores).


Ligasano® White and Ligasano® Green are single-substance materials made of polyurethane, consisting of approximately 97-98% air.

Ligasano® White and Ligasano® Green are highly flammable and sensitive to UV radiation therefore protect against fire, embers, heat, UV radiation and humidity/moisture. The originalpackaging, protects against humidity and UV radiation.

There are no known undesirable medical side effects or incompatibility with the correct application of Ligasano® White and Ligasano® Green.

Ligasano®White and Ligasano®Green are available in both sterile and unsterile forms.

Ligasano® White and Ligasano® Green are used for direct wound healing – it must make direct contact with the wound bed in order to work effectively.

Review in table form of the significant modes of action of Ligasano® White
Wound Treatment Prevention
Pressure Distribution Reduction of pressure, promotion of granulation, reduced counter pressure to the new regenerated granulation tissue. Anatomic adaption to body contours.
Mechanical Stimulation Because of its surface structure (the structure of the material is perceived by the tissue) Ligasano® White promotes the perfusion and activates the self-cleaning (hydrogel, produced naturally in the body).

The intermittent negative pressure, which is caused by the pumping effect in connection with conscious and unconscious body movements, produces a mechanical stimulus, too.

Because of its surface structure (the structure of the material is perceived by the tissue) Ligasano® White promotes the profusion, non-vital dermal skin cells removed automatically (peeling).
Specific Absorption Effect Since only surplus exudate is absorbed, Ligasano® White does not dry out the wound.  Depending on the thickness of the material, an intermittent negative pressure occurs. Works effectively against maceration of the skin.
Permeability In the case of hardly exudating wounds Ligasano® White may adhere by drying up exudate.  On burns this is sometimes desired (mechanical debridement). Works effectively against maceration of the skin.

Please Note:

For wound treatment the thickness of the Ligasano® White has to always be at least 2-4cms (measured from the wound bed).  You get the required thickness by putting Ligasano® White one upon the other.
Technical Information
Technical Information Ligasano® White Ligasano® Green
Basis of Material Polyurethane expanded Polyurethane expanded
Cell Structure Mixed-pored,
Cell type 750 (medium)
Completely open-pored,
Cell type 1500 (large)
Absorption Controlled absorptive on shallow (skin deep) wounds up to 30% volume (= 1500% weight);
In deep wounds and cavities up to 90% volume (= 4500% weight)
Permeable to water like a sieve
Breathing Activity Active with breathing Nearly completely permeable to air
Permeability of Steam Very high permeability Almost unhindered permeability
Pressure Reduction Rapidly falling, ca. 40 % after 20 minutes Less reducing
Adaption to Shapes Adapts to shapes with low pressure Permanent elastic, low decrease in pressure
Mechanical Stimulus, stimulation of blood flow Effective stimulation of blood flow, therefore very little risk to normal and sensitive skin; at the beginning application, after 15-20 minutes; neutral High mechanical stimulus, risk of lesion if direct contact with very sensitive skin; the mechanical stimulus is used only in special cases
Allergies Neutral to allergies Neutral to allergies
Durability The mechanical stimulus is lost after three days of application Dependent on load