56 years old homeless male patient with a full-thickness flame burn.

Fig. 1: Initial aspect before sharp debridement, three days after the injury. One can see the charred eschar which has to be debrided.

Fig. 2: Detail image, showing the depth of the full-thickness flame burn, with the black vascular net of dermal blood vessels.

Fig. 3: A very good granulation of the burn has been obtained after about six weeks of passive debridement with LIGASANO® white foam dressings, which has been changed 3-4 times a week.

Fig. 4: Grafting with meshed STSG (autografts), which have been sutured by separate absorbable sutures.

Fig. 5: Five days later all the grafts had a full take as shown in the picture.

Fig. 6: Lateral aspect, one week after grafting, showing the same spectacular take of the grafts due to the very good woundbed preparation by using LIGASANO® white.