Practice of Diabetology Carola Zemlin M.D., Wanzleben/Germany


71 years old, male, type 2 diabetes mellitus with a duration of 21 years, wound healing disturbance at the lateral border of the foot after amputation of toes 4 and 5 with partly metatarsectomy of the 5th metatarsal bone in July 2000.

Local pre-therapy

Postsurgical wound treatment with Iruxol, zinc ointment and showering; under this treatment worsening. As three month after discharge no tendency to heal is observable and furthermore a serious irritation has developed, the family doctor refers to our ambulance.

Actual findings at 1999/02/24

Left foot swollen, wound with a length of 6 cm and a maximum width of 2 cm, smeary coated, surrounding area reddened and oedematous. Foot is warm, foot pulses are alleviated palpapel, alleviated sensibility for temperature and touches. Situation after amputation of two toes and metatarsecomy of the 5th metatarsal bone (ARLT C).

Fig. 1: 2000/09/05

Fig. 2: 2000/09/05


After debridment application of a sterile LIGASANO® white pack, soaked with Ringer´s solution, Cerson ointment for the wound environment. In the further progress after two month wound closure and decline of the allergic skin appearance.

Fig. 4: 2000/11/05

Study about the use of LIGASANO® white as initial wound dressing at foot disease caused by diabetics, of Carola Zemlin, M.D., internist/diabetologist. For the evaluation of the study please click here.