Practice of Diabetology Carola Zemlin M.D., Wanzleben/Germany


65 years old, male, type 1 duabetes mellitus, diagnosis in 1988 (real duration about 20 years). Insulin therapy with 3x normal insulin and NPH insulin at night. Diabetic retino-, neuro- and nephropathy (dialysis needed). Situation after multiple metatarsal bone fractures at bilateral diabetic neuropathic osteo-arthropathy (Charcot feet).

Actual findings at 1998/06/18

Passage of a sequestrum at the right midfoot planto-lateral. Formation of a 2.5 cm deep cavity, that is irrigated with Lavasept.

Fig. 1: 1998/06/18

Fig. 2: 1998/07/17

Fig. 3: 1998/09/23

Insertion of a Septopal mini chain until 1998/07/06. Afterwards daily insertion of a sterile LIGASANO® white pack, soaked with Ringer´s solution. For pressure distribution supply with a neuropathy-adapted cast.
Another visit in our ambulance at 1998/07/17. The cavity is only 5 mm deep, no signs of inflammation. At 1998/09/23 complete closure of the lesion.

Study about the use of LIGASANO® white as initial wound dressing at foot disease caused by diabetics, of Carola Zemlin, M.D., internist/diabetologist. For the evaluation of the study please click here.