Practice of Diabetology Carola Zemlin M.D., Wanzleben/Germany


69 years old, male, type 2 diabetes mellitus, diabetes diagnosis 1987, insulin therapy 3x normal insulin and NPH insuline at night. Coronary heart disease with global insufficiency, arterial occlusive disease with concomitant neuropathy (no possibility for revascularisation), state after apoplexy.
Pressur ulcer at the left foot caused by too tight footwear. During the four month lasting hospital stay treatment with Betaisodona gauze and Rivanol. Due to the worsened local findings prearrangement of the patient for amputation of the lower leg. Thereupon he left the hospital at his own request.

Actual findings at 1998/10/06

Perforating ulcer of the left foot, 20 x 20 mm in projection to the 5th metatarsal bone lateral, uncovered tendon left, warm feet, rosy looking, no foot pulses palpapel (ARLT C, WAGNER 2).

Fig. 1: 1998/10/06

Fig. 2: 1998/10/06 detail picture

Fig. 3: 1998/11/26

Refreshening of the wound edges, application of sterile LIGASANO® white, soaked with blood of one´s own (after debridement) resp. Ringer´s solution at the daily dressing change of the LIGASANO® white pack. Already at 1998/10/23 the wound is filled with red granulation tissue and at 1998/11/26 it is covered with tender epithelial tissue, which stabilises during the next weeks.

Study about the use of LIGASANO® white as initial wound dressing at foot disease caused by diabetics, of Carola Zemlin, M.D., internist/diabetologist. For the evaluation of the study please click here.