72 years old paraplegic male patient with a huged neclected sacral sore.

Fig. 1: Initial aspect, before any treatment with synthetic foams.

Fig. 2: LIGASANO® white with a thickness of 2 cm is applied multilayered (3-4 layers of foam) and covered with sterile gauze paddings: One can see the amazinng absorption power of LIGASANO® white.

Fig. 3: The dressing has been replaced every week because the patient couldn´t come more frequently to the office for a new dressing. At least one half of the huge pressure sore has been debrided and granulated after 4-5 weeks of treatment with LIGASANO® white.

Fig. 4: In order to compare the two PUR foams, LIGASANO® white was replaced with Allevyn, but after two such dressings, we had to return to LIGASANO® white, because Allevyn has had to be replaced at least three times a week. Beside this, the debridement was not as effective like that with LIGASANO® white.

Fig. 5: After two weeks of treatment with LIGASANO® white again, the most part of the eschar disappeared and the bottom of the large wound was filled with very good granulation tissue. This case is still in process and could need surgical closure eventually.